Video Games: Is the Bad Reputation Justified?

by Jay Mathews

In this essay, Jay counters the popular assumption that video games have a negative impact on the "gamers" who play them.  By citing several pieces of research evidence, Jay presents a compelling argument  for why video games may not be as bad as many believe.


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Teacher Feature: Beth Kara

This is Mrs. Kara’s first year using the One World Education curriculum. Only a few weeks into the program, it’s already proving to be a useful scaffold for her students.

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The Academic Race

by Jessica Li

Jessica tackles the subject of the pressure many teens feel to be academically ultra-competetive in an effort to have a bright future. She looks at the downside of focusing solely on scores and grades at the expense of pursuing personal interests and passions.

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Teacher Feature: Rachel Broudy

Ms. Broudy says her students have appreciated being able to choose their research topic. “They felt a sense of pride in being able to talk about a topic that not everyone else knew, including me. They gained a lot of empowerment by the end of the project.”

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