Russia Bans Foreign Adoption

by Giulia Setola

In her essay, Giulia discusses the potential reasons for the banning of all foreign adoptions of Russian children and outlines ways she thinks the ban could be lifted.


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Senior Writing Fair A Huge Success!

Congratulations to the scholarship winners chosen at the Senior College & Career Writing Fair. Read more.

Iran's Hold on Speech

by Nida Shareif

Nida talks about speech censorship in Iran and around the world in her Reflection. She digs into the far reaching implications that limiting freedoms of expression can have on a society. She brings awareness to this issue while emphasizing the true value of free speech.

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Teacher Feature: Alyssa McClorey

Capital City Public Charter School teacher Alyssa McClorey thinks one of the big benefits of OWEd's curriculum is that it helps students understand argumentative and persuasive writing skills. This is a skill they will use through their whole lives.

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