Urban Public Schools Need Support

by Torrey Marable

In his essay, Torrey discusses why he believes the community must make changes to ensure the success of every student, including focusing on parental and teacher involvement, early childhood education, building positive living communities, and decreasing poverty.

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A Student Perspective: The One World Experience

What's it like to be a student involved in the One World Writing Program and Senior Writing Fair? Find out here!

Banish the Death Penalty

by Gerizim Perez

In her essay, Gerizim explores the pros and cons of the death penalty and argues why she thinks it should be abolished.

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Teacher Feature: Meron Habte

Meron Habte, 10th grade Woodson High School teacher, looks forward to using the OWEd Writing Program again and affecting change--with and for--her students. Read more...

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One World Education is a teacher-created nonprofit organization in Washington, DC that offers a middle and high school Common Core-aligned writing program with proven results.



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