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2015 College and Career Senior Challenge

12/16/15 Update: The 2015 event was a great success! Find out who won scholarships.

Join DC public and charter school seniors, their teachers, education and civic leaders, and the community for the 2nd annual College and Career Senior Challenge.

Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Location: Martin Luther King Jr. Library Great Hall
Time: 6pm-8pm

Every year 12th graders from across Washington, DC come together for the College and Career Senior Challenge.

This is the culminating event for the 2,300 DC Seniors who have completed the One World Program.  In this in-school program, these students strengthened their research, writing, and presentation skills and produced argumentative essays on self-chosen, college and career issues.

Schools across Washington, DC nominate several students to participate and represent their schools. These seniors hone the skills they developed in the classroom by attending a two-month, after school Senior Challenge Academy where they receive intensive instruction and mentorship as they prepare to present to a panel of judges - which includes education, business, and civic leaders -  in the hopes of winning scholarship awards.

At the College and Career Senior Challenge, these students will:

  • Deliver a 3-minute argumentative presentation about their issue
  • Present a 30-second pitch about their issue
  • Create an issue presentation board about their issue

Senior Challenge Participants and their Topics

Giovanna Burkett
Censorship & Learning
Tiffiney Crum
Scholarships & Parental Involvement
Ahmad Woodard
Education & Black Communities
Ana Sanchez
College & Sports Scholarships
Jeanine Greeley
Abriana Luke-Scales
Education in Single-Parent Families
Levi Mason
The Pursuit of Career Satisfaction
Brenda Serrano
Careers in the Environmental Sciences
Amy De Los Santos
Job Security
Luis Sanchez
Opportunities for Undocumented Students
Kenneth Blanchard
Student Loans
Tre'Zhon Delaney
Student Loans
Rico McCard
Supporting College-Bound Students
Khalii Wright
EL Haynes
Black Fraternities
Timothy Pearson
EL Haynes
Sexual Assault on College Campus
Katheryn Ramos
EL Haynes
Sexual Assault on College Campus
Andres Alvarez Jr.
EL Haynes
Gap Year
Johnny Menjiuar
EL Haynes
College Dropouts
Kyrie Nesmith
McKinley Tech
Necessity of College
Kevon Williams
McKinley Tech
Paying College Athletes
Nakya Robinson
Religion In Education
Hanna Gebremeskel
Roosevelt McFarland
SAT Requirements

Keith Addison
Roosevelt STAY
Financial Literacy

Dazminic Charles
Washington MET
Advancing Technical Careers
Ramiro Forty
Career Choice
Alex Butterfield
College Tuition
Meet our December 2015 Judges

Katie Aiello-Howard, DC Public Education Fund

Mark Anderson, The Wall Street Journal

Daryn Cambridge, United States Institute of Peace

Kesha Chandler, The City Fund

Corie Colgan, DC Public Schools

Anne Douglass, NASA

Celine Fejeran, Raise DC

David Grosso, DC Council Member

Jessie Harteis, Office of the State Superintendent of Education

John Hyman, American University College Writing Program

Silas Kulkarni, Student Achievement Partners

Mary Lord, DC State Board of Education

James Marinucci, Via Medica International

Manon Matchett, The City Fund

Robert Medina, Education First Consulting

William Nichols, Freedman Consulting, LLC

Laurence Peters, Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Rene Redwood, Redwood Enterprise

Michael Robbins, Span Learning

Elissa Silverman, DC Council Member

Jennifer Thompson, DC Public Library

Gretchen Van der Veer, Fair Chance

Laura Wilson Phelan, State Board of Education Member

Quentin Wodon, World Bank

Margie Yeager, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education