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Stellar essays, powerful presentations, and excellence in the face of adversity. We have never been prouder of a group of young people. Thank you for recognizing their extraordinary achievements with your vote. Please cast one vote in each category. Voting closed Thursday, May 14 at 5pm.

Middle School

School Shootings

Amyah Foster

7th Grade

Achievement Prep PCS

Domestic Violence

Divine Underwood

7th Grade

Meridian PCS

Sex Trafficking

Emely Martinez Perez

7th Grade

Meridian PCS


Isabelly Gomez

5th Grade

E.L. Haynes PCS

LGBT Police Brutality

Jachai Warren

7th Grade

Paul PCS


Mery Jans Vergara Sanchez

7th Grade

Mary McLeod Bethune PCS

School Shootings

Rexine Collier

6th Grade

E.L. Haynes PCS


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High School

Discrimination in Healthcare

Abriana Holmes

12th Grade


Prison Recidivism and Reentry

Imania Sheikh

10th Grade

Benjamin Banneker HS

College Stress

Jaden Lee

12th Grade

E.L. Haynes PCS

Self Esteem

Maclovia Velasquez

12th Grade

E.L. Haynes PCS

Diversity in the Makeup Industry

Menisa Powell

10th Grade

Benjamin Banneker HS


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I would like to vote for my brother Jaden Lee.

Come back on Monday!

I would like to vote for Jaden Lee. It's one the #1 killers in United States.

I would like to vote for my brother Jaden

Aye!!! Good presentation cuz! Proud of you!!


You work so hard and you deserve this moment!

I’m Voting For My Son Jaden. Awesome Job Son!!!


Keep the journey going

E.L. Haynes PCS
Depression in college students excellent work Jaden Lee

Very interesting and informative topic.
Excellent presentation Jaden

Excellent topic and presentation.
Great job Jaden!

Great job Jaden!

Some contestants were speaking so fast (while sometimes swallowing words) that their presentations were hard to follow. Clear articulation is a problem for nearly all middle school and high school contestants.i in this competition.

Your comment is well received, however I think they all did an excellent job based on months of hard work! Then all the information obtained had to be reduced to two minutes! I heard a few of the original speeches and they were really good! Remember this was going to be live with an audience, but due to the pandemic it’s being done virtual! These kids are still growing. So kudos to all of them!

Jaden, is the advocate for our youth of today! GREAT JOB!

They ALL did an AMAZING job! Well done students!

This is awesome!!!

Wow, what fascinating topics! Ms. Holmes, thank you for advocating for one of the most important and ignored examples of inequality in American've inspired me to do more in hopes of bringing about justice in healthcare right here in DC.
Thank you!

Excellent job young man

I would like to vote for Jaden Lee. Wonderful topic !

I voted for Jayden Lee because he is an extraordinary young man and an excellent writer.

Saying my ballot for Jaden Lee. I’m incredibly proud of you, sir. Keep up the amazing work.

Very hard to decide. Excellent presentations.

She done an Awesome Job!Great Speaker! Beautiful young Lady

Amaya Foster was outstanding.

You are right on target Jaden with college stress. Going to college, a new environment, first time from home, expectations from family, friends, and yourself.

Wonderful speech presentation, Amaya Foster!

Jaden you did a fantastic job. Keep up the great work.

Abriana Holmes did a phenomenal job speaking out on an issue that is relevant with today's current crisis! She is truly deserving of this win!

Principal McCrae

A very important and pertinent topic. A stellar presentation

Well done Abriana. I can tell you are very passionalte about this topic.

I'll see yo in the winners circle.

Excellent Job Jaden!!!!

Well Done !!

What a wonderful job Abriana!!! We’re so proud of all your hard work and determination.

Jaden Lee you done a great job! Pray you continue to be great in all your studies!!

I’m voting for Jaden Lee

So proud of you. Great topic that need to be addressed.

I’m a friend of Amyah Foster’s grandmother and she did an excellent job on School Shootings; therefore, I’m voting for her in the Middle School Presentations.

Jaden job well done. Congratulations to all the young men and women.

I enjoyed your presentation. Great job!!

Abriana We are so proud of you did a beautiful job keeping up the good work.

I vote for Abriana Holmes!!! Great video sis

go off menisa great speech!

I'm voting for Amaya Foster. ...very articulate and well prepared!

Abriana Holmes did a excellent job giving inlight on a situation that is so often over looked. As a nurse I deal with these kind of situations everyday. Great job Abriana this award definitely goes to you...

I think that Isabelly and Amyah should win. they both have clear confident and strong voices


Good work

I would like to vote for Menisa Powell from Benjamin Banneker H.S. in the High School category.

Ms. Amyah Foster I truly enjoyed viewing your video as you read your essay with such passion and conviction. Nice work.

Jennifer Carraway, Ed.D

Little Ms. Gomez has the promise of becoming the kind leader that will make this world a better place. She has been a voice for the voiceless.She unafraid to stay up and speak up for what is right. I am very proud to endorse Isabella Gomez. Thank you for this opportunity
Dr. Ward

I am SO proud of my nephew, Jaden Lee! Not only is he displaying poise in his delivery, he's also very passionate and informed about the topic. He is definitely an asset to our family and to society.

Nice job well done by all the Middle School students on their essays. I was most impressed with Amyah Foster - very good overall, great tone changes, clear and concise points presented, most persuasive, and a nice finish.

Excellent job and a very good topic. I would had like more data based on demographics.

These children are our future- all is not lost after all.

I vote for Amyah foster

I am voting for my daughter Imania Sheikh. I am very proud of you! Your topic is timely and very pertinent as it pertains to the African American community and the judicial system. Very compelling and passionate delivery!

I'm voting for Jaden Lee. Great job!

I'm so proud of you Isabelly and all the E.L. Haynes scholars! Your passion and conviction really shine through.
You worked so hard on this and it shows. Well done!

Voted.......Mr. Jaden Lee

I voting for Abriana

I loved Jaden Lee's because it is so needed for our children. I had a daughter that committed suicide and I wished that the schools had something like this that could have helped us to find resources that would have helped her while she was in school. She saves many lives but didn't have the help to save her own. That was a great speach.

Awesome job Abriana I love the topic. Keep up the great work !

All of them are Great An because of them our future will be brighter than ever.

Jaden Lee will turly be a Great Leader. An current is a fantastic human being.

Excellent job!

We are so proud of our daughter Isabelly Gomez she is very confident and strong

I am proud of all these students for showing vulnerability, resilience and a dedication to excelling, in spite of this unusual time! Keep up the good work!

Way to go Jaden!

Jaden,excellent presentation. May God to grant you the understanding to recognize stress and the ability to know how to deal with it. Congrats on your senior year as a whole new world awakes you as you head off to college.

Good luck sweetheart

I Vote for Maclovia Velasquez

I go for maclovia Velasquez

I vote for maclovia Velasquez

I vote for maclovia Velasquez

I vote for Maclovia Velasquez

Abriana, I’m so proud of you! You are truly passionate about this Social Justice topic.

I voted for Amyah Foster. She was very poised, articulated and very convincing. Besides, she's my granddaughter and another reason for her to have my vote! ❤❤❤

I vote for angel cheeks

I would like to vote for Angel Cheeks. Keep up the great work.

I vote for MS.Holmes my Girlfriend it was soo good I just have to vote for her she's amazing !!!!

I vote for Maclovia Velasquez

I vote for Maclovia Velasquez

Amazing presentation by Jaden Lee on a crucial topic!! Jaden has my vote.

I vote for Abriana Holmes

I vote for abriana Holmes

I vote for abriana Holmes

I vote for abriana Holmes

I vote for abriana Holmes

I’m voting for abriana Holmes!!!

I’m voting for abriana Holmes!!!

I’m voting for abriana Holmes

I vote for Amyah Foster!

Congratulations to all the students! Lots of very good presentations make it hard to pick a favorite.

I’m voting for Abriana Holmes the content in her video was good.

I vote for Abriana Holmes, her presentation and topic are real issues that plague many. Keep speaking up and making your voice heard. Good Job!

Voting was not easy, considering the issues you presented and the fine job you all did making your case.

I vote for Maclovia Velasquez

I Vote for Maclovia Velasquez


Casting vote for ABrinna Holmes

Casting vote for Abriana Holmes

A vote for Jaden Lee! So proud of our Two Rivers alum!

I vote for angel

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