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Stellar essays, powerful presentations, and excellence in the face of adversity. We have never been prouder of a group of young people. Thank you for recognizing their extraordinary achievements with your vote. Please cast one vote in each category. Voting closed Thursday, May 14 at 5pm.

Middle School

Domestic Violence

Brizel Martinez Cruz

7th Grade

Meridian PCS

School Safety

Chioma Ogbonnaya

5th Grade

E.L. Haynes PCS

Education Reform

Chris Nelson

7th Grade

Mary McLeod Bethune PCS

Fighting the Pandemic

Wayne Lin

8th Grade

Mary McLeod Bethune PCS


Yenner Rengifo Chaverra

8th Grade

Mary McLeod Bethune PCS


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High School

Youth In the Criminal Justice System

Angel Cheeks

12th Grade


Video Games

Chauncey Elliott

10th Grade

McKinley Tech HS

Saudi Arms Deals

Cristian Cardona

10th Grade

Benjamin Banneker HS

Child Marriage

Destiny Hardy

10th Grade

McKinley Tech HS

AP for All Students

Haniebal Gebrie

12th Grade

E.L. Haynes PCS

Sexual Violence

Kiera Lyles

9th Grade

Chavez Parkside PCS

Cost of College

Lewi Kassahun

10th Grade

McKinley Tech HS


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Thanks to all of the students submitting their wonderful topic essays. Shout out to Kiera Lyles #ChavezEagles #WeSoar

Angel is a phenomenal scholar who has shed light on this topic!

IDEA is proud of her work thus far!

Principal McCrae

This is very interesting and I love your topic Angel

Excellent report. Hope it has an impact.

Congratulations to all of you hard working Students! :)

1 vote

This is great for our youth to express themselves in a positive way! Go Kiera!!!

All of the students are winners in that they have taken the time to do the research to enter this contest. My congratulations to all of you especially my scholar and future lawyer, Chris Nelson.

Congratulations to Kiera Lyles on your essay. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your thoughts on such an important topic, your passion comes through. Great Job.

Chris' essay on Education Reform was well stated. Good job Chris.

Thank you Ms. Reeder for your comment to Chris.

What an amazing effort! Congratulations on such a well written, strongly argued essay. I am so proud of you!

Excelente Work Yener Rengifo, excellent project in terms of deforestation, considering the different natural disaster, the climate change, and higher demand on energy resources it is important to look for strategies that can mitigate this problem as soon as possible. Well done!!! My vote is definitively for you

Congratulations Yenner,
Great job on your essay

Deforestation and the environment and very delicate topics and the way you have a solution got me hooked.

Keep the great work.

Angel, This is one good topic this was a great opportunity to share your thoughts about youth incarceration.

Congratulations Yenner! This is a Great job! Keep up your good work. I’m so proud of you.

This is an amazing well written essay about youth incarceration under the age of 18 which have a lot of impact on us youth .... I am soo proud you did this topic .. I LOVE IT !

I love Angel’s Essay keep up the great work


Thank you Angel, for advocating for one of the most important topics youth in the criminal justice system under the age of 18 that happen today in America.

I would like to Vote for Angel Cheeks... what a wonderful topic

Great work by the kids

very hard to decide all of the essay’s where good but I think I will vote for Angel Cheeks.

I voted for Yenner because the topic he selected is one of the main problems in the world and depends on each one of us and on policies that support us to take care of the planet to save humanity if we solve this problem we can guarantee that the new generations they can breathe purer air and live on a cleaner planet.

I voted for Yenner, because the topic he took up is very important for the world at the moment. Deforestation is the cause of many problems, such as global warming. Good job Yenner.

I voted for yenner because he is talking about a very important thing That is happening now days Deforestation. I now he did a good job and he has put efforts in his essay.
Good job yenner!

Congratulations to all the students who share their essays! All of them were great but I was Complete amazed by Yenner Rengifo! Deforestation is one of the big problems that the world is facing now and what a better idea than create an essay to persuade other people. Keep up the great job guys!

I vote forma Yenner because his eassy treat about important topic and how we must take the environment.

Felicidades a todos los chic@s. Vote por Yenner... todos debemos poner nuestro granito de arena para mitigar los efectos del cambio climatico, la preservacion de los recursos naturales del planeta, recuperacion de ecosistemas, entre todas las bondades q tienen los arboles. Excelente trabajo!!

As an Agricultural Technician I agree with Yenner’s point of view on regards deforestation. Children should be encouraged and thought about the importance of our flora so it can sustain its fauna and, vice versa. It’s a symbiotic relationship that we must care for our own benefit. Great paper!

Congratulations to Yener Rengifo Chaverra a brigh young men on your essay. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your thoughts on critical issue affecting our world.
Great Job!!!!


I voted for yenner because he is talking about a very important thing That is happening now days Deforestation. I now he did a good job and he has put efforts in his essay.
Good job yenner!

I voted for Yenner, it was a great essay and it helped me understand more about this sensitive topic.

Great job!

Amazing poem Angel!

Excellent topic Angel

Congratulations to all students! Proud of you Angel Cheeks!

Great job niece (Angel Cheeks) I really appreciate you having a story behind why you are choosing the career path you have chosen. Good Luck Class of 2020

Angel you are an amazing young lady and your essay reflects the passion you have for the rights of others. We are extremely proud of you and wish you nothing but the best!

God Bless!

I Vote For Angel Cheeks I'm Happy To See My Little Cousin Is Covering What I Feel Is One Of The Biggest Issues With The Youth....Keep Up The Good Work .... Proud To Call You My Cousin

Great Job niece ( Angel Cheeks ). Your essay is spot on and a very necessary topic . I love that you included your sources and gave solutions.

I’m voting for Angel Cheeks she did good.

That was beautiful so proud of u good job well done well said

I’m so proud of you Yenner! Great topic.

Great job Angel can’t wait to see where life will take you next. Wherever it is, our prayers go with you. Congrats to all.

I cast my vote to Angel Cheeks

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