by Adar Howard - July 27, 2018
Twenty-three years ago, my shy pre-teen self was doing everything possible to stay far out of the spotlight. That was until a Higher Achievement Center Director, Benjamin Wides, took on the challenge of encouraging me to come out of my shell. That summer, we read Sharon Bell Mathis’ Teacup Full of Roses and Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun. He wanted to know what I thought, and stressed that he wanted me to write my best essay ever about both texts. More than two decades later,... Read more
by Michael Veale - April 18, 2018
Earlier this spring, I spent every Tuesday afternoon trekking across DC to work with a group of 50 middle and high school students from around the city. They were preparing to present their ideas on social justice issues relevant to their lives. Several things struck me. More than relying on their teachers, the students relied first on each other in reviewing and improving their presentations. The students took their own ideas and the ideas of their peers seriously. I never had to remind one of... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - February 27, 2018
Today’s youth are not buying the notion that adults will prevent future school attacks. Why should they? With little confidence that our nation’s leaders will ensure their schools are safe, students in Washington, D.C. and other major U.S. cities are hitting the streets. To prevent school shootings, many American students quietly endure long metal detector lines, armed cops, and regular “lock down” drills. But a new round of fallen classmates has propelled them to no longer... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - January 9, 2018
What can be gained if teachers receive the same level of personalization in their professional development that we attempt to deliver to students in their learning? I posed this question in my October blog, when I introduced the One World Teacher Fellowship and its goal of helping teachers to develop and test best practices to improve research and writing skills. Responses were robust and varied. I was disheartened by some school leaders, who felt that personalizing teacher training neglected... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - October 24, 2017
Over the last decade, One World Education has worked with hundreds of teachers and more than 25,000 students. Our teacher community has been the heart of the organization, and their feedback anchors our continual improvement. Recently we have given serious thought to several questions about how to better engage and support our teachers in return. First, how can we assist teachers to innovate, and then study how these innovations impact learning? Second, with One World’s history of empowering... Read more