by Agustina Moppett - August 30, 2017
At the beautifully renovated Dunbar High School one recent afternoon, the bleachers in the gym were overflowing with hundreds of scholars from Higher Achievement’s Summer Academy. They had come together for their annual “Olympics of the Mind” event to celebrate a successful summer of learning. There were energetic chants, beautiful student-made banners, and sun streaming through the huge windows on the back wall of the gym. Scholars were dressed in a range of brightly colored... Read more
by Agustina Moppett - July 27, 2017
Over 230 students across Washington, DC are experiencing a learning lift rather than a summer slide because of a partnership between One World Education and Higher Achievement, a highly regarded, out-of-school time provider. These 7th- and 8th-grade students are using the One World Program at the seven Higher Achievement Summer Academy centers to write argumentative essays about social justice issues they care about. As a former teacher, I know the mindless look of students returning to school... Read more
by Stacy Kirk - June 22, 2017
Ten months ago, the XQ Super School Project, a new national campaign backed by Laurene Powell Jobs, awarded ten high schools ten million dollars each to become truly ready-for-the-future, 21st century schools. One of those schools, Washington Leadership Academy (WLA), a new public charter school in Washington, DC, recently partnered with One World Education to bring its futuristic vision to life. One of WLA’s classes, called LEAD, focuses on developing students’ leadership and life... Read more
by Steph Bunton - May 18, 2017
For three years, One World Education (OWEd) has led one of the largest and most successful programs in DC Public Schools (DCPS), impacting approximately 4,300 students and 100 teachers annually. Evaluations led by a partnership between American University and the World Bank reported that approximately 70% of DCPS 10th and 12th grade students using the One World Program have statistically improved their research, writing, and presentation skills while also learning about different perspectives... Read more
by Liz Gossens - May 11, 2017
For the 24 seniors who participated in the 2017 College & Career Senior Challenge, the celebration dinner on Monday, May 8th was ostensibly a means of receiving their scholarship checks, but for us as an organization, it was more importantly an opportunity to gather open feedback about our program and the Senior Challenge Academy (SCA). This year’s celebration dinner was also unique in that we were rewarding more than just the eight students who had the highest points for their arguments.... Read more