by Holly Kearl - August 19, 2014
Thanks to evaluations conducted by George Washington University and American University this year, we know that One World Education’s writing program improves students’ research and writing skills. Additionally, two-thirds of students felt they learned something new about a global or local issue. But what do teachers think of the program? This is what we’re exploring in our new “Teacher Feature” where we interview and highlight exceptional teaching taking place in... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - August 12, 2014
We have exciting news. We’ve submitted a proposal to present at the prestigious national SXSW EDU conference in Austin, TX, in 2015. This is a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about our successful writing program. You can help us get there by voting for our workshop! Here’s why we want to be there: only 24% of American 8th and 12th graders have writing proficiency and the rest are at a massive disadvantage as they enter colleges and careers. Closing this gap is contingent on... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - August 6, 2014
During the last school year in Washington, DC, more than fifty high school teachers and thousands of students participated in One World Education’s Writing Program. The program is anchored by a curriculum created by excellent local teachers that aligns with the Common Core State Standards. During the course of the three-week program, students complete a series of research, outline, and writing activities that lead them through the steps needed to produce well-written essays about cultural or... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - March 6, 2014
If you’re looking for a controversy in K-12 education, look no further than the issue of standardized testing. We loathe their high-stakes value, the anxiety they induce in our children, and the billions of dollars spent on tutors and programs to prepare for them. Yet standardized tests offer quick results and insight to guide the increasing micro-management of our children’s education. Examples of this test-prep culture cover the hallways in many DC Public and Charter Schools. Posters... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - February 5, 2014
Today marks the third annual Digital Learning Day – a nationwide campaign to highlight the use of online learning programs in K-12 education. As a former educator and current Director of an education organization that incorporates online learning, I can attest to the value added of using even a few of the phenomenally designed online learning applications now available. It’s hard not to marvel at programs that allow students to converse with climbers on Mt. Everest (an extreme but real... Read more