by Steph Bunton - June 16, 2016
Choice is everywhere, and we all want it, even if we choose to opt out. I often visit classrooms where students begin the first lesson of the One World Program stressed out and overwhelmed by the idea of completing a comprehensive research project, but as soon as they see that they can control the direction of their learning their eyes light up and the questions start flowing. Simply with the introduction of different issues they can choose from, students take the wheel. They ask about where they... Read more
by Steph Bunton - April 21, 2016
Along with recognizing this year’s Student Ambassadors for their outstanding work in the classroom at the One World Celebration, One World Education will also publish some of the best essays on our website. Essays selected for publication are accompanied by a Reflection Experience that unpacks the content through reading comprehension exercises, so that other students can learn about the topic through the thoughts and words of their peers. Over the last couple months, the current Student... Read more
by Ben Acquah - April 5, 2016
Them: Hey Ben, it's good to see you, how have you been since you graduated from high school? Oh, and what college are you going to? Me: Nice seeing you too, I've been fine…. And uhh I'm not currently in college I'm taking a gap year. I've had that conversation more times than I can or want to count. Everyone wants to know about college and how that's going. I can see it their eyes, hear it in their voice, and almost sense it, the shock, disappointment, and sometimes... Read more
by Steph Bunton - March 6, 2016
Why am I here? This is a fundamental question of purpose and belonging, and one that we’ve all asked ourselves at some point. For many people, the first time they really ask themselves questions like this is when they graduate from high school.  What am I going to do? What do I want? Who am I? These are tough questions at any stage of life, and the more prepared students are with the skills needed to delve into these questions, the sooner they will develop the confidence to explore what... Read more
by Clare Berke - January 19, 2016
Before I finish this post, more than one person will read it. I will send it to my husband for review and then to the One World Education office where several minds will think about it. I will read it and revise the wording about 30 times myself. On the radio this morning, I heard Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for President Obama, describe the week-long writing and revision process for a State of the Union address. He spoke of the President’s tendency to complicate ideas, only to have... Read more