April 24, 2015
By Michael Hudson Jr., Grade 12, Benjamin Banneker High School, Washington, DC One World Education is a non-profit organization that helps middle and high school students with their writing skills, focusing them on writing about salient global and political issues. My experience working with them is something I will never forget and something that I’m very thankful for.  I was a part of their first senior writing fair held on February 12, 2015 at MLK Library in Washington, DC. Our topic... Read more
by Stephanie Burgevin - April 6, 2015
Having gone to school in England, Virginia, Seattle, and Ethiopia, Meron Habte has had the opportunity to see a wide variety of different education systems as well as teaching styles and abilities.  “I saw what an excellent teacher looks like and what a mediocre one does. I saw that policy gets passed by people who are not in education and how it affects students. Eventually, I want to get into policy work but first I wanted to experience working one-on-one with students and basically... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - March 10, 2015
The Global Good Fund (GGF) sure did help One World Education (OWEd) rack up some frequent flyer miles this year!  That wasn’t the direct goal, but GGF challenged us to be bold and expand our programs to schools across the country.  So, with their help we attended our first series of national conferences and presented our innovative teaching and learning model to educators around the country. While at the final of these conferences, SXSWEdu, I’m taking some time to reflect on... Read more
by Stephanie Burgevin - March 4, 2015
Ebola Virus Karte Mponda Grade 8 Capital City Public Charter School What if one of your family members came down with a disease, and a cure was not within reach? Karte Mponda, a 2015 One World Student Ambassador and eighth grade Capital City Public Charter School student, took the opportunity to research and write about Ebola during her class’ term with the One World Writing Program. “I wanted to write about something that everyone was talking about. I wanted to inform people so... Read more
by Stephanie Burgevin - February 19, 2015
What’s Most Important? Student Athletes and Grades Mia Strickland Grade 8 Capital City Public Charter School At some point over the years we’ve all read about the question of grades and student athletes: should they have to get a certain grade point average in order to play, how does a school best serve these students, how should school prepare them for life as an adult? You probably have an opinion. So does Mia Strickland, a vivacious Capital City Charter School eighth grader... Read more