by Stephanie Burgevin - February 19, 2015
What’s Most Important? Student Athletes and Grades Mia Strickland Grade 8 Capital City Public Charter School At some point over the years we’ve all read about the question of grades and student athletes: should they have to get a certain grade point average in order to play, how does a school best serve these students, how should school prepare them for life as an adult? You probably have an opinion. So does Mia Strickland, a vivacious Capital City Charter School eighth grader... Read more
by Stephanie Burgevin - February 18, 2015
“Each of you found your voice through writing”-- Brian Pick, Chief of Teaching and Learning, DC Public Schools “Fantastic event with @OneWorldEdu tonight! So many talented @dcpublicschools students! So difficult to judge!”—Liz Gossens, Communications Strategy Group “@OneWorldEdu seniors rocked their presentations! So proud.”—Lisa Banks, The Constitution Project “Power, persuasion, passion on display @OneWorldEdu”—Mary Lord, DC State... Read more
by Stephanie Burgevin - February 5, 2015
“Going to a community college can save you $12,000-66,000 over two years.” “The highest risk a college-bound woman faces for sexual assault in her lifetime is from the first day of her first semester of college, until her first break” “There are approximately 1.4 million undocumented students in the United States. Do we want to help them contribute meaningfully to this country?” We’ve been traveling to different DC public and charter schools to work with... Read more
by Stephanie Burgevin - January 28, 2015
“My dad was a teacher and I used to go to his class and I helped him with the cross country team. I really liked working with kids. He was a role model for me and my first year of teaching was the same year he retired,” said Capital City Public Charter School teacher Alyssa McClorey. “But, I really came to teaching from a social justice standpoint. In undergrad I took international studies and history but my interest in social justice led me to teach in Guyana in South America.... Read more
by Stephanie Burgevin - January 14, 2015
Every year people ask us, “What topics are you going to have for the curriculum this year?” It may seem strange, but the answer is that we don’t know. We have a good reason for that. One of the best things about One World Education’s program is that it is guided by our students’ interests so we have to wait to see what topics our Student Ambassadors are going to research and write about. This year, as always, our students have chosen a wide variety of timely topics... Read more