Community Program Partnership with City Kids

154The City Kids Wilderness Program has partnered with One World Education's Community Program.

The goal of the OWEd Community Program is to incorporate literacy into all youth activities for students in programs that take place outside of school. Our Community Program ensures that students are writing about what are they learning outside of school and practicing literacy skills away from the classroom. City Kids is a Washington, D.C. organization providing wilderness-based, summer activities in Wyoming for Washington, D.C. students from Wards 5-8.

One World Education's Community Program designed a ten-month curriculum for the City Kids Program. This curriculum consists of One World Education-led Learn-Shops on themes like Cultural Identity, Reflective Writing, Resume Development and Leadership. One World Education also designed program-specific writing journals for all 75 City Kids participants so these students are writing all summer long in addition to their excellent City Kids programming of rock climbing, kayaking, hiking and camping. City Kids students writing skills improve from additional practice, provide City Kids with documentation and feedback to better improve their program and have the opportunity to grow into a One World Reflection submission.