The Cornerstone To Equity

There’s a new thing happening in DC Public Schools next year.

In school year 2016, DCPS will be incorporating Cornerstone Assignments, which will provide every student with equal access to rigorous educational experiences. These are shared assignments across a grade that are expected to bring equity and increase expectations for all students in DCPS. The assignments have been developed by DCPS’s best teachers to enrich, supplement, and strengthen instruction.

As Kaya Henderson, Chancellor of DCPS, says, the hope is that Cornerstones will “help DC Public Schools transform the teaching and learning in our classrooms. (Because) every student at every school deserves a world class education,” regardless of where they live.

Each grade will be engaged in the same project during the same instructional window during the school year. Cornerstones all have three basic elements:

  1. Strong content
  2. An “Instructional Model” for teachers and students
  3. A final student product/performance

These projects are a shared experience across the school district. For example, One World Education’s research, writing, and presentation program will be used with all 10th and 12th graders this fall. By engaging students through exciting coursework and exposure to enrichment opportunities, DCPS is ensuring that students are enthusiastic about learning and going to school.

Brian Pick, Chief of Teaching and Learning at DCPS, says that Cornerstones are a way to  “spread the great things that are happening in our great teachers’ classrooms that we want to spread across the district.”

We are excited to be a part of DCPS’s work to transform the teaching and learning happening in classrooms. For more information on Cornerstones, view this video or visit this site.




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