Engaging Student Interests

How can student interest inform and improve classroom instruction?

This is one of the questions our teacher-presenters asked the audience at their session on Connecting Real Life and Learning given at the 6th Annual DC Data Summit on July 7. OWEd’s new Program Director, Stephanie Bunton, and E.L. Haynes teacher, Beth Kara, helped the audience see that when educators allow students to apply skills they are learning to topics that interest them the students are more motivated and engaged, thus reducing classroom disruptions and increasing work completion. That's a clear win-win.

Bunton and Kara walked the audience through a student interest pyramid and talked about how to infuse these topics into teaching across subject areas, whether it’s math, social studies, or English. Beginning with a Common Core skill, the participants were able to use the student interest as a vehicle to deepen understanding, skill development, and critical thinking across the curriculum.

One World Education believes that student ideas and voices are critical to an engaged and successful learning experience. We work with educators to improve students’ research, writing, and presentation skills to prepare them for college and careers and, in the process, help students connect their life experience to their school experience, realizing they too can affect change in their world.


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