Featured Partner: Rotary Club of Capitol Hill

Everyone benefits when nonprofits team with other community organizations. One World Education has had a great partnership with the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill for many years. Two of its officers have served on our Board of Directors. It's Foundation has provided grants for the One World Program and the College and Career Senior Challenge. Its members have volunteered hours of their time helping out at our events and providing pro bono assistance on projects.

Rotarian Quentin Wodon has just written a blog about his experience as a judge at the most recent Senior Challenge and his thoughts on the value of the One World Program for local schools. He says:

"Last month, I had the pleasure of serving as an essay judge for a great program that strengthened the writing, research, and presentation skills of hundreds of high school seniors in the Washington D.C. area. The College and Career Senior Challenge, organized by the nonprofit One World Education, is a great example of a nonprofit working collaboratively with a public school district to achieve wonderful results for students."