Library of Congress Honors One World Education

One World Education and 14 other organizations promoting literacy were honored for their “best practices” by the Library of Congress. In response to the announcement by the Library of Congress Literacy Awards Program, Eric Goldstein, founder and chief executive officer of One World Education, issued the following statement:

“I cannot imagine a better way to start the new school year than with this national recognition for our impact on students’ writing in the nation’s Capital.”

“With One World, we let students choose their own topics. Engagement soars and students bring new life to pursuing old-fashioned skills they need for college, like learning to research with rigor, write with clarity and purpose, and speak in public with poise and polish. That is rewarding by itself. We are constantly inspired watching our students realize that they are smarter and more capable than they ever knew. Seeing students write their first-ever essays or realize just how articulate they can be in front of a large audience never gets old.”