Meet the 2010 One World Education Student Ambassadors

This school year marked a great expansion of the Culture & Global Issues Reflection Contest, where 325 Capital Region students submitted their writing. From these submissions, 12 students were chosen as OWEd Ambassadors. Starting in April 2010, each month, one of these new Student Ambassadors will have their Reflection published on our website with curriculum to serve as teaching tools for other students.

Congratulations to our 2010 Student Ambassadors!

Ebenezer Arhu, a 10th grader from Edison High School

Malcolm Berry, an 11th grader from Roosevelt High School

Lukas Canan, a 10th grader from Wilson High School

Alexandra Fognani, a 7th grader from Alice Deal Middle School

Liyana Ido, a 9th grader from The School Without Walls

Lucas Lytel, a 7th grader from Alice Deal Middle School

Lara Mitra, an 11th grader from Sidwell Friends School

Sahnun Hassan Mohamud, an 11th grader from Annadale High School

Ellie Olsen, an 11th grader from Bethesda Chevy Chase High School

Chinyere Ukaegbu, an 11th grader from Benjamin Banneker High School

Jessica Yang, an 11th grader from Richard Montgomery High School

David Zhang, a 9th grader from Richard Montgomery High School