Meet Our New Interns


One World Education brought on two new interns this spring to support the organization’s continued growth. Cecelia Meredith joined the team  as the Program and Partnerships Coordinator, and Alexandra Pilgrim as the Teaching and Learning Manager. Both interns bring a passion for their work, and we sat down with them for more insight into their respective backgrounds and internship experiences thus far.



Where are you from and how long have you been in the DC area?

Cecelia Meredith (CM): I am from Richmond, VA and moved to DC in January of this year, but visited the city a lot while growing up!

Alexandra Pilgrim (AP): I am from Clinton, MD and currently live in Silver Spring, MD.


What is your academic background?

CM: I went to Lynchburg College to study English and earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in December 2016.

AP: I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in DC.


What were you doing before your One World Education internship?

CM: While attending school, I had a part-time job each semester with the catering department. Seasonally, I am involved with Black Rocket Productions, a STEM camp program implemented in communities across the country for kids ages 8-14.

AP: Just before joining One World Education, I was in graduate school full time and finishing up an internship in the professional development division of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. Prior to beginning graduate studies, I was a supervisor at the Goodwill Workforce Development Center in Richmond, VA where I helped individuals with disabilities gain employment.


What are you hoping to accomplish during your time with One World Education?

CM: During my time at One World Education, I am hoping to grow as a professional and learn more about educational policy, while helping students across the city improve their research and writing skills.

AP: I am hoping to increase my knowledge of nonprofit management, strategic development, and community outreach. In the future, I hope to use these tools to be an effective organizational development consultant.


Where do you see yourself making the biggest impact?

CM: Every day at One World Education is different, but there are two primary ways I see myself making a difference. One of my projects involves researching school districts and charter networks to help establish new partnerships and impact the lives of even more students. Another project entails participating in the Senior Challenge Academy on Wednesdays. When students ask me to read something they have revised or help them with their presentations, I feel like I am making an impact on the community. Every student is different and needs a different level of help when learning. One World Education understands that, and it is amazing to watch the students, staff, and teacher leaders work together to create intelligent arguments and strong presentations.

AP: My biggest areas of impact are making connections with the students and parents, conducting organizational outreach, and providing individual feedback to students on their essays and presentations.


What is your favorite aspect of living in the DC area?

CM: My favorite aspect of DC is the public art, as it is an expression of culture that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. DC brings its culture to life with the various art and structures I see on my walk to work every day. As an English major, I also enjoy living close to the Shakespeare Library and Theatre!

AP: One of my favorite things about DC is the scenery. There are so many beautiful places to visit in the city. I also love the diversity in culture, food, and activities.