One World Education News

November 29, 2010
DC Council Members met Monday, November 29, 2010 to discuss what could be the adoption of some of the strictest anti-bullying regulations in the nation. The proposals have not yet been finalized, but seem to have widespread support from the Council members. If adopted, they would require "officials conduct thorough and prompt investigations into allegations of bullying. They also call for the creation of a detailed reporting system to document episodes of threatening behavior." The Council... Read more
November 15, 2010
After a successful presentation to their Board of Directors, OWEd's Schools Program was selected to receive a $10,000 grant from the Bancroft Foundation. The foundation shares OWEd's mission and programs to improve education in Washington, DC. Click HERE to learn more about the foundations, corporations and generous individuals who support One World Education. Read more
November 10, 2010
One World Education was recently nominated one of three finalists for the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC 2010 Partnership for Peace. On November 10th OWEd Executive Director, Eric Goldstein, presented as a finalist for the award. The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC voted to select an organization to be the focus of community service, fundraising and programming efforts for their 2010 calendar year. Update: While OWEd was not selected as a partner... Read more
November 9, 2010
The Partnership for Peace Program is sponsored by The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington DC (RPCV/w). This year marks One World Education's second nomination. Other finalists include DC based non-profits, Escuela Bolivia and Academy of Hope. If selected, OWEd will be the focus of RPCV/w's community service, programming, and fund-raising efforts for the 2011 calendar year which will greatly help expand the reach of OWEd programming. Read more
November 2, 2010
One World Education was one of 49 non-profit organizations to be awarded a $1,000 grant through Wachovia Wells Fargo's Community Partners Program. The Community Partners Program was developed to recognize the local organizations that Wachovia and Wells Fargo team members are passionate about supporting. Our nomination was courtesy of the support of Mr. Alex Ramos from our local Wachovia branch in Colombia Heights. Read more at the Washington Post. Read more
October 28, 2010
On October 28th, One World Education held an Appreciation Party hosted by Board Member Anna Rooke at the Camden Roosevelt in Washington, DC. This party was a celebration of the work of our past supporters and an introduction to our work for some new faces. We specifically honored four supporters and team members who have been with One World Education since its beginnings: Caroline Brown, Jeremy Young, Eva Guenther, and Lauren Wright (pictured L-R). Without their commitment we would not be where we... Read more
October 15, 2010
OWEd Student Ambassador Alexandra Fognani's Reflection, "Done With Bullying," speaks to an issue of city-wide and national importance -- and advocates of One World Education's work have taken notice. The voice of a student who moved from a bully to a defender of her classmates is both necessary and important as students and parents across the country deal with this issue in their schools and communities. Her Reflection and OWEd's corresponding learning resources have been featured... Read more
October 15, 2010
OWEd Student Ambassador Alexandra Fognani's Reflection, "Done With Bullying" and its corresponding learning activities are now available as resources for many organizations working to prevent bullying in schools. To increase awareness about the problem of bullying and to encourage others to take actions to stop bulling today, One World Education has partnered with the PACER Center's National Bullying Prevention Month Campaign. The PACER Center unites... Read more
June 15, 2010
At the beginning of June, the OWEd Team was invited to Roosevelt High School to see one an Ambassador's One World Reflection in action. Our May 2010 Student Ambassador, Malcolm Berry, an 11th grader at Roosevelt led the class in a reading, discussion and Learning Activity surrounding the Reflection he wrote about HIV/AIDS among teens in DC. Students from three separate classes read his reflection and discussed the reading questions together in small groups. OWEd was able to see the... Read more
May 15, 2010
In May, OWEd met another funding goal with our second annual fundraiser in New York City. To a room full of supporters in mid-town Manhattan, OWEd introduced the One World Schools Program and 2010 One World Student Ambassadors. Read more