The One World Digital Program

One World has launched a multi-year effort to digitize its programming with generous support from Capital One. The first course has been completed and is currently being piloted in DC high schools. Despite the influx of technology into schools, few digital programs have previously established track records to build on. We’re already seeing many examples at our pilot sites of how One World is successfully applying lessons learned from that experience in its digital build.

In fact, the new One World Digital Program incorporates many of the features that have made its paper-based program successful, such as engaging students with emotion and teaching them with rigor. We still motivate students by having them choose to write about social justice issues relevant to their lives. We scaffold, challenge, and evaluate students as we teach twenty Common Core Standards. Students develop research, writing, and presentation skills as they learn to master the writing process.

Much of the pedagogy of the paper-based program also is utilized in the new digital programming.  Analyzing the completed work products of past students and peer review of one another’s ongoing work remain key features because teenage students often learn best from their peers. In fact, these instructional practices are expanding over time in the digital program.

Advantages of Going Digital

Going digital will also allow One World to improve students’ engagement and learning experiences, taking advantage of what technology offers. The One World Digital Program will:

  • Strengthen student-teacher relationships by building feedback prompts into every stage of the research and writing process.
  • Allow teachers to quickly identify students who are falling behind with their assignments.  
  • Integrate social and emotional learning (SEL) explicitly and measure its impact to demonstrate how it impacts academic achievement.
  • More specifically, use teacher feedback and student surveys to promote student agency, growth mindset and teacher-student relationships.
  • Give students creative control of their home pages, supporting them in customizing its look and feel with pictures of themselves and their topics.

Partners in Progress

One World has partnered with Harvard University to develop more explicit curriculum supporting social and emotional learning within the digital program. One World and Harvard also are working together to develop new measures to track students social and emotional learning progress and to assess how this SEL learning impacts academic achievement.

One World is working with the highly-regarded, New York-based, education design firm ProjectEd to develop its online courses. The new digital program will be hosted on the Canvas learning management system. American University professors will continue to assess student progress.