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The One World Education Digital Program Student Experience

With the One World Digital Program students will embark on authentic and culturally relevant learning experiences that deepen knowledge about cultural and global topics and enhance learning of core academic skills.

One World student online accounts will be customized by teachers to reflect language preferences, reading levels (lexile scores), and learning needs. Each unit will include a series of activities, graphic organizers, game-based tools, and modules where students complete work and assessments in response to their teacher’s instruction. Students will have the ability to ask questions to their teachers online, assess their own understanding of the material with rubrics to support them, and regularly rate the instruction they are receiving to encourage their reflection as learners.

Students will have online access to vetted and differentiated primary sources on the range of topics that align with the program’s thematic units. National Public Radio, the Washington Post, Scientific American, and many other organizations have agreed to have their content used on the One World website. Students will be able to find vetted sources differentiated by reading level, record content for their evidence efficiently, cite sources, and rate their information’s quality with the support of a rubric. 

Students will be assessed on their ability to identify claims, and generate convincing evidence, counterclaims, and conclusions, as aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Several of the assessments will be brief quizzes, designed to allow students to receive immediate automated feedback while providing teachers with dashboard readings on student progress.

One World Education will be finalizing its digital plan during the Fall of 2017 and building the actual site during the Spring of 2018 to be ready for the start of the 2018-2019 school year!