One World Teacher Fellowship

Interested in driving your personalized PD to improve outcomes, expertise, and leadership?

Exceptional middle and high school teachers who participate in the One World Teacher Fellowship will design, conduct, and present research-based case studies about empowering student voice and improving research and writing skills.

Teacher Fellows Receive:

  • Curriculum materials
  • Student Scholarships
  • World Bank evaluation reports
  • Honorariums

Teacher Fellows Opportunities:

  • Presentations at conferences
  • Blog to a national audience
  • Design digital resources
  • Roles in US Dept. of Ed research project (application pending)

The One World Teacher Fellowship brings together a select group of skilled and passionate teachers for personalized professional development experiences and to help them design, conduct, and present classroom case studies that showcase their expertise.

Throughout the fall, teachers come together to be guided through the design, implementation, and presentation of individualized case studies conducted while using the One World Program. Research topics can range from innovations in boosting student engagement and empowering student voice to strategizing to improve research and writing skills. Regular meetings will allow teachers to share their findings, receive expert feedback, and collaborate about best practices. During the winter, teachers will present their findings through peer to peer presentations, a report, and participation on One World's Symposium on Preparing College-Ready Writers panels on February 8, 2018.

Our 2017 Teacher Fellows

Clare Berke

Banneker HS

Jennifer Brown

Wilson HS

Matthew Burgoyne

Wilson HS

Tonita Dozier

Anacostia HS

Emma Lattes

EL Haynes Public Charter MS

Fadhal Moore

El Haynes Public Charter MS

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