OWEd Attends WIS Symposium at the World Bank

146On February 2, 2010 One World Education led workshops at the Center for International Education symposium hosted by the Washington International School at the World Bank. This year's theme, Digital Media: Jump Starting Education and Action on Critical and Global Issues, was ideal to inspire students to think about potential reflections to submit to the OWEd, Culture & Global Issues Reflection Contest. The symposium included a keynote address by filmmaker, Karin Muller who talked about the power of film to foster global citizenship an help citizens better understand many of the conflicts of the world. Students listened to speakers, presentations by their peers, and participated in hand-on workshops led by groups like One World Education. Students tackled themes ranging from the ongoing conflict in Sudan to ways to reduce their school's carbon footprint. With Eric Goldstein's guidance, students at the symposium discovered unique ways they can contribute to critical global and local issues. High school student intern, Yoni Kalin, also had the opportunity to represent One World Education and motivate his peers to become OWEd Student Ambassadors in 2010. The symposium was a great event to engage students in thinking critically about both global and local issues.