One World Responds to the Pandemic

On March 12, 2020, we canceled the One World Challenge.

Then two thirds of our students said they would participate in a VIRTUAL competition. We made it happen!


Dear One World Community,

Nothing is more important than the safety of our students. Like everyone else, we are following the developing COVID-19 situation carefully. In the best interest of our community, we have decided not to hold the One World Challenge on March 31st...

We greatly appreciate the commitment of the entire One World community and especially the hard work of a wonderful group of students who have put so much time and effort into preparing their essays, poster boards, and presentations. Thank you for your understanding.

Eric Goldstein, CEO & Founder



Staff developed colorful videos to show students how to prepare on their own.



Our students are overcoming a lot.

Several students have lost relatives and
family friends in the last week.

Others like Wayne have been getting up at 1am to have stable internet while Zyarre is sharing a tablet with two siblings.

Still, students have been attending late afternoon office hours to edit their essays and Zoom conferences to practice their presentations.



Students have produced first drafts with flashes of brilliance.




One World staff and teachers across the city are now sending video three-cheers to their students,
urging them to finish strong!!!



See their finished presentations and essays.

Voting is from May 11th through May 14th - so vote for your favorite presentation!
Winning students will receive scholarships and academic prizes.

And the winners are...

Vote to show students you care about their hard work.
Help them realize that really good things can happen in the worst of times!