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Educators and other experts created the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessments, standardized exams that evaluate the Common Core State Standards in mathematics and English. Their goal is to identify where students demonstrate progress, while also providing detailed information to identify where students need more help, and can be pushed further. The development of each assessment is guided by the Common Core State Standards and provides evaluation of these consistent expectations for all students. Last school year, students in 3rd through 11th grades, across 11 states and the District of Columbia participated in the PARCC annual assessments.

We are often asked if the One World Program helps students prepare for the PARCC.
The answer is YES, while preparing them also for so much more.  The daily exercises students complete during the One World Program improve the higher-order, critical thinking skills that the rigor of the Common Core State Standards demand.  In addition, the assessments of many of the lessons mimic the format of PARCC questions and prompts.

How does the One World Program prepare students for the PARCC?
Before students even begin researching the issue they have chosen, they analyze a range of complex texts to demonstrate understanding of argumentative principals and the skills required for text analysis. Close readings require students to compare and synthesize information in formats ranging from multiple-choice to free response, just like the PARCC. Through a gradual release model, students practice the skills of analyzing evidence to support a claim, integrating information from multiple sources, and presenting explanations and reasoning that elaborate their argument.

By providing regular opportunities for students to contend with close, analytic reading, construct clear arguments supported with evidence and logical reasoning, and communicate through peer-to-peer reflection and presentation of their ideas and writing, the One World Program consistently engages students in higher-order thinking skills that will prepare them for PARCC and beyond.