Student Writing

One World Education believes that students should write to be read, in addition to earning a grade. We select and publish around 1% of the exemplary writing from Student Ambassadors who completed the One World Program in order to model grade-level writing and to create a forum for peer-to-peer learning. Additionally, every student-authored essay is accompanied by a Reflection Experience, which is a series of content and reading comprehension assessments.

Student Ambassador: Sterling Zapata | Ambassador Class: 2017 | Grade: 10
Sterling advocates for the indefinite ban of nuclear weapons, debating how nuclear weapons have proven themselves, throughout the ages, to have a negative impact on our economy, the environment, and our population.
Student Ambassador: Alexandra Fedorova | Ambassador Class: 2017 | Grade: 7
In her essay, Alexandra argues that if the government and wildlife protectors build or improve existing nature reserves and have more conservation programs, then deforestation will have less effect on our earth.
Student Ambassador: Willa Hance | Ambassador Class: 2017 | Grade: 8
Willa claims that girls and women are marginalized by the fact that feminine hygiene products are subject to the luxury tax, arguing the "tampon tax" is sexist and classist and must be removed to help improve the lives of millions of women in the US.
Student Ambassador: Makaio McCaskill | Ambassador Class: 2017 | Grade: 10
In his essay, Makaio calls out the prevalence of racial profiling in the US justice system and explores the ramifications it has on black men and their families. He argues that black families should be protected by laws that are fairly applied to everyone equally.
Student Ambassador: Luwam Seyoum | Ambassador Class: 2017 | Grade: 10
Luwam describes the scope of gun violence in America, suggests how laws could be improved, and argues that if we had stronger restrictions that enforce gun laws, we would see a significant reduction in the number of deaths related to gun violence.
Student Ambassador: Kalkidan Haile | Ambassador Class: 2017 | Grade: 10
In her essay, Kalkidan discusses the problem of teen pregnancy and proposes several solutions, including funding programs that help pregnant teens, having sex education start in middle school, and having more accessible and confidential contraceptive services for teens around the world and the US.
Student Ambassador: Tatiana Robinson | Ambassador Class: 2017 | Grade: 10
Tatiana argues that if we want to say we live in a democracy, the electoral college should be abolished. She describes its history and how it is no longer representative of the people, and how when she is old enough to vote, she wants to be sure her vote actually counts!
Student Ambassador: Zora Gregory | Ambassador Class: 2017 | Grade: 8
In her essay, Zora argues that Congress should implement a law that disqualifies anyone using hate speech during their candidacies, which she believes would help decrease the amount of hate speech used, and as the result, the number of hate crimes.
Student Ambassador: Emma Lawrence | Ambassador Class: 2017 | Grade: 10
Emma argues that gendered advertising towards children needs to be stopped since it puts pressure on families to fill society’s rigid gender binary and it limits children’s future occupational opportunities. Having all children play with all types of toys in ads and removing gender-specific labels could go a long way towards ungendering toys.
Student Ambassador: Reinna Brummett Swayze | Ambassador Class: 2016 | Grade: 8
In her essay, Reinna discusses the damages she believes climate change is causing to the environment and the world in which we live. After looking at the arguments for and against implementing policies to reduce climate change, she urges everyone to start reducing their impact now.