Student Writing

One World Education believes that students should write to be read, in addition to earning a grade. We select and publish around 1% of the exemplary writing from Student Ambassadors who completed the One World Program in order to model grade-level writing and to create a forum for peer-to-peer learning. Additionally, every student-authored essay is accompanied by a Reflection Experience, which is a series of content and reading comprehension assessments.

Student Ambassador: Gerizim Perez | Ambassador Class: 2014 | Grade: 10
In her essay, Gerizim explores the pros and cons of the death penalty and argues why she thinks it should be abolished.
Student Ambassador: Sean Pine | Ambassador Class: 2014 | Grade: 9
Sean discusses the dangerous effects of increasing global warming and examines ways people, businesses, and countries can make a difference.
Student Ambassador: Torrey Marable | Ambassador Class: 2014 | Grade: 10
In his essay, Torrey discusses why he believes the community must make changes to ensure the success of every student, including focusing on parental and teacher involvement, early childhood education, building positive living communities, and decreasing poverty.
Student Ambassador: Giulia Setola | Ambassador Class: 2014 | Grade: 6
Giulia discusses the potential reasons for the banning of all foreign adoptions of Russian children and outlines ways she thinks the ban could be lifted.
Student Ambassador: Nida Shareif | Ambassador Class: 2013 | Grade: 11
Nida talks about speech censorship in Iran and around the world in her Reflection. She digs into the far reaching implications that limiting freedoms of expression can have on a society. She brings awareness to this issue while emphasizing the true value of free speech. 
Student Ambassador: Aliyah Masterson | Ambassador Class: 2014 | Grade: 10
In her essay, Aliyah discusses reasons why the nation's youth are facing a steadily increasing obesity rate. She feels that the affordability and ready accessibility of fast food is a key factor.
Student Ambassador: Nicole Latifullah | Ambassador Class: 2013 | Grade: 7
"Smoking kills people." This is how Nicole begins her Reflection on the dangers of smoking. Not only does smoking harm the person who smokes, it affects everyone around them, too. She tried to dissuade teens from starting this nasty and deadly habit. 
Student Ambassador: Jay Mathews | Ambassador Class: 2014 | Grade: 10
In this essay, Jay counters the popular assumption that video games have a negative impact on the "gamers" who play them.  By citing several pieces of research evidence, Jay presents a compelling argument  for why video games may not be as bad as many believe.
Student Ambassador: Jessica Li | Ambassador Class: 2013 | Grade: 12
Jessica tackles the subject of the pressure many teens feel to be academically ultra-competitive in an effort to have a bright future. She looks at the downside of focusing solely on scores and grades at the expense of pursuing personal interests and passions.
Student Ambassador: Charlie Nichols | Ambassador Class: 2014 | Grade: 6
Charlie makes a compelling argument for gay marriage, listing numerous reasons people oppose it and providing counterclaims for each one. He uses historical, current, and personal examples to support his rationale.