Student Writing

One World Education believes that students should write to be read, in addition to earning a grade. We select and publish around 1% of the exemplary writing from Student Ambassadors who completed the One World Program in order to model grade-level writing and to create a forum for peer-to-peer learning. Additionally, every student-authored essay is accompanied by a Reflection Experience, which is a series of content and reading comprehension assessments.

Student Ambassador: 12th Grade Student | Ambassador Class: 2012 | Grade: 12
Ashley, a teen parent, discusses the challenges-physical, emotional, and financial-of having a child at a young age. She talks openly about the issue in light of her own experiences, and posits some constructive ideas on how to help reduce the negative impact of teen pregnancy.
Student Ambassador: Vaughn Jones | Ambassador Class: 2012 | Grade: 7
Vaughn explores the worldwide problem of child labor in his Reflection. He discusses how this practice negatively affects countries' economic and educational growth. He explains what some organizations and companies are doing to prevent child exploitation and help these kids have a brighter future.
Student Ambassador: Ellen DeCesare | Ambassador Class: 2012 | Grade: 8
In her Reflection, Ellen discusses the impact of media's objectification of women on girls' body image. She explains that the images that bombard us on a daily basis set up an unrealistic standard of beauty and should instead be focusing on helping girls feel good about themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.
Student Ambassador: Jorge Garcia | Ambassador Class: 2012 | Grade: 7
Enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Cuba in Jorge's Reflection which explores his travels filled with family and fun. He discusses American perceptions of Cuba and contrasts these views with his own personal experiences and feelings.
Student Ambassador: Je'Von Russell | Ambassador Class: 2012 | Grade: 9
In his Reflection, Je'Von explores violence amongst urban youth. He examines the negative impact of gangs and guns, and discusses ways for teens and their communities to strive for a more peaceful and positive future.  
Student Ambassador: Porchia Ifill | Ambassador Class: 2012 | Grade: 9
Porchia's Reflection discusses the dropout epidemic in the US and her personal challenges with school. She examines strategies for school success and encourages students who are struggling to seek support to avoid dropping out.
Student Ambassador: Matt Kaufax | Ambassador Class: 2012 | Grade: 11
In his One World Reflection, Matt writes about his experience with adopted shelter animals. He also discusses different types of animal cruelty including their reasons and consequences. Matt emphasizes the seriousness of this issue and encourages others to take action to stop it.
Student Ambassador: Samantha MacKenzie | Ambassador Class: 2012 | Grade: 6
In her One World Reflection, Samantha writes about her family’s experiences during her father’s deployment to Afghanistan. Samantha shares the anxiety, sacrifice and pride felt by many military families when a loved one is deployed to a dangerous location. She also explores the experience of Afghani people during this war.
Student Ambassador: Marwa Eltahir | Ambassador Class: 2012 | Grade: 11
In her One World Reflection, Marwa writes about civil war in the country of Sudan. She then discusses the causes and implications of the country’s separation. Marwa strives to envision a peaceful and harmonious Sudan and the world as one family.
Student Ambassador: David Peck | Ambassador Class: 2012 | Grade: 11
In his One World Reflection, David writes about his trip to Bolivia and his travels around the country with his host family. He discusses its unfortunate past of colonization and resource exploitation and the strength and optimism of people who continue to hope for a better economic future.