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Research Resources and Tips: Integrating Research into the Essay

1)  Choose your evidence meaningfully! In general, only select quotes that meaningfully support your claim or add credible information to your argument. Do not select quotations that repeat what you have already said.

2)  Introduce direct quotations with your own words. After a quote, explain the significance of the quote and how it supports your argument.

3)  Don’t quote more than you need. Usually, only 2-3 lines of a source is enough. Be sure to have twice as much analysis as evidence you use.

4)  Whenever you directly quote a text, you must use direct quotations. For example:

                    According to the article, “One out of every five women experience sexual violence” (Kessler, 2). This proves that violence against women is a cultural issue, and one that needs our attention.


5)  Do not plagiarize. Never copy and paste from the internet unless you use direct quotes. Paraphrase information you find and be sure to cite the author at the end of the paragraph.

6)  Be sure to find information that is relevant and credible. If you have any questions about a source, ask your teacher.