Thank You For Seven Years Of Teaching And Learning

September 8 is International Literacy Day with a worldwide mission to give children and communities a chance to rediscover the joys of reading while raising awareness for those without access to education. On this day in 2008, One World Education officially launched its website and citywide program.

Seven years later, our work still reflects the vision of International Literacy Day with our own mission to improve research, writing, and presentation skills for middle and high school students. Our programs aim to leverage student ideas and perspectives about self-chosen topics to engage learners and advance skills critical for college and career success.

What's happened since One World Education started in one classroom more than seven years ago? We have:

  • Improved the writing of more than 8,000 DC students (and working with 6,000 more this school year).
  • Provided curriculum and professional development for more than 300 DC teachers.
  • Worked with 54 schools in DC, MD, and VA.
  • Published more than 60 DC student's essays with an aligned, peer-to-peer curriculum.

Our work is certainly not slowing down. In the upcoming year, One World Education will:

  • Implement the One World Program as a Cornerstone in DC Public Schools at the 10th and 12th grade levels.
  • Host the second College and Career Senior Challenge on December 15th and feature seniors from DC high schools leading presentations to an expert panels for scholarships.
  • Launch our new website later this month with new program features for students and teachers.

Thank you for seven years of support and partnership! And please, spread the word about International Literacy Day!


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